Tailored 1-2-1 Training

Are you tired of being dragged down the street by your enthusiastic pup? Does your dog’s selective hearing make you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall? Have you lost shoes, socks and other items to your dog's toy box? Do your neighbours change sidewalks when they see you out with your exuberant dog that loves to jump up at people? Look no further! Our 1-2-1 dog training service is tailor-made to transform your furry companion into a well-behaved, confident, and responsive partner.

What Sets Us Apart

🐾 Loose Lead Walking Mastery: Say goodbye to sore arms and frustrating walks! We will teach you the best techniques to improve your dog's loose lead walking.

🐾 Recall Magic: Ever wished your dog would come bounding back when called? Our recall tips ensure that your dog responds promptly, even in the face of distractions.

🐾 Polite Behaviour: Is your dog a serial jumper? Does “drop it” fall on deaf ears? We love to help owners curb unwanted behaviours. From mouthing to jumping up and even retrieving stolen objects, we’ve got you covered. Your dog will learn to be a true canine gentleman or lady.

Why Choose Us

🐾 Individual Attention: Your dog deserves undivided focus. Our 1-2-1 sessions allow us to address your dog’s unique needs and tailor the training accordingly.

🐾 Positive Reinforcement: We believe in kindness and encouragement. Treats, praise, and play are our tools—not punishment.

Where Do We Train

🐾 Pennypit Community Centre, Prestonpans: Each 1-2-1 training session with us lasts for 60 minutes and costs £70. Weather permitting and depending on the objectives for the training session, part or all of it can occur outside on the field.


To build strong connections

We believe in providing personalized attention and effective results, ensuring that you and your dog embark on a pawsitive journey together.

If you're ready to transform your dog’s behaviour, click the button below to book a session today and witness the magic unfold!

Let’s embark on this pawsitive journey together!

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